Bed And Breakfasts In Birmingham

Looking for bed and breakfasts in Birmingham? This is one of the popular options to stay in the UK. Being a busy city and one of the biggest metropolitan boroughs in England, a lot of people come over to visit. Outside London, this is one of the most populous cities. Naturally, business for the hotels and lodging businesses are booming.

About bed and breakfasts

A bed and breakfast is a small establishment that is meant for lodging purposes. When you check in with a B&B, you get an overnight accommodation and breakfast too. These establishments are not like luxurious hotels. These are usually run by families. The place itself is usually a private family home that was converted into a lodging business. The hosts usually live inside the house and cater to the needs of their guests.

In the UK, bed and breakfasts are budget options and will not cost as much as hotels. While it is cheaper, there are B&Bs that are also luxurious. You can actually find them everywhere. This is why looking for bed and breakfasts in Birmingham is not really hard to do.

Best bed and breakfast in Birmingham

Here are three of your options if you want to stay in a great bed and breakfast establishment in Birmingham.

Elmdon Lodge

This establishment had been in existence since 1890. It has most of the original features that it used to have – making it a great place to stay in. While it exudes so much of the past, it has all the modern luxuries of technology. Visitors are offered free Wi-Fi and also all the appliances that will make their stay both entertaining and convenient (e.g. TV, coffee maker, etc). This bed and breakfast is located in a quiet place and is within minutes from major transportation stations. The rooms are kept airy and have an ensuite bathroom. They also offer free toiletries. Guests are also provided with a full English breakfast in the morning.

Gables Nest

This is another one of the bed and breakfasts in Birmingham. It is near the airport, bus service, and the city centre – making it a very convenient place to stay when you visit. The rooms are equipped with all the furniture and appliances that will make your stay comfortable. They have ensuite, coffee/tea making facilities, and a TV. This is a great place for couples to stay.

Haya Guest House

This bed and breakfast has a beautiful garden and is also near the airport. They offer free Wi-Fi and has rooms that are completely furnished even with a kettle and microwave. Guests are offered continental breakfast every morning. This place is near a lot of tourist attractions and it will really serve as a convenient place to stay. It is actually given a high rating – especially by couples.

These are only some of the options that you have for bed and breakfasts in Birmingham. You can identify the places that you want to visit before you choose the place where you want to stay in the city.