Choose a Bed and Breakfast or a Hotel?

boo25Staying at a Bed and Breakfast has a certain appeal, which you will never experience while staying at a Hotel. A Bed and Breakfast is managed and run by the owner, who may do all the cooking and cleaning. Pleasant personalities and warm homely treatment go with staying at a Bed and Breakfast.

Having a home cooked meal is what you will expect while staying at this quaint facility. Prices for rooms in this category are generally a bit more, depending on the facility. If it is a home setting, chances are the cost of the breakfast will go up.

Cons of Choosing a Bed and Breakfast

A Bed and Breakfast may have quaint, yet comfortable rooms and the bathroom may be central, being shared by all guests. This is because it really is a home being converted to facilitate the means for earning extra funds.

The customer service may not be as crisp and professional as you would experience in a hotel, because the operators of a Bed and Breakfast will want to treat their guests as though they were living at home; locking up early and limiting the time the guest stay out. Sightseeing is what is available in the local area.

Food is not really a choice at a Bed and Breakfast, it consists of whatever is prepared. If you are not pleased, then you may have to go out and eat. No room service may be an issue for some, as this is considered a convenience.

Choosing a Hotel Over a Bed and Breakfast

The service is always crisp and delivered by a trained professional, with room service available 24/7. Entertainment is constant, and if you choose to go off premises, there is no curfew. Prices for this type of accommodation are fixed unless there are special offers. For those that are always fixed, you can pretty much plan your budget perfectly.

Food service is always constant and there is a vast amount of variety, so you are able to pick, choose and refuse. Paid excursions are also part of the package of choice, so you have off-premises activity.

Cons of a Hotel Stay

Extra spending as opposed to sticking to the budget, as there is more to see. Seeking quiet time may be a challenge as there is so much activity. There are a wide variety of persons from different nationalities and personalities that you encounter at a Hotel; some people like this, while others just like their own space.

Some Hotels are not family-friendly hotels, and you may want to experience this location with your entire family.

Choosing Between a Hotel or a Bed and Breakfast

boo26Some things to consider when choosing a Hotel or Bed and Breakfast include:

  • Location
  • Price
  • Convenience
  • Reasons for wanting to use the facility
  • Amenities offered