Traveling On a Shoestring Budget

boo27Traveling is the new big thing in the 21st century. We are living amidst a transport revolution, with several low-cost airlines sprawling up at the same time as more industries are allowing their employees to work remotely. This opens up for a whole new world of opportunities, as long as you know how to use them.

Even if you only have 25 holidays per year, they can prove more than enough to see a big part of the world. And that without spending a lot of money! You do not even need to leave the UK – you can easily travel around the United Kingdom on a shoestring budget, as long as you know what to avoid.

Fly Abroad, Bus Around at Home

It might seem like a good idea to find buses wherever you are, but that is not correct in the 21st century. It is much cheaper to fly, even here in the UK. If you want a proper road trip around Great Britain, buses and trains are perfect. If you just want to go from London to Glasgow, low-cost flights are your best friends.

Sleeping – Cut the Main Cost

Now, the main cost of any traveller is usually the hotels. Sure, there are plenty of hostels around the United Kingdom, but if you are older than 25, you probably do not want to stay in a room with twelve other people. The smell, the noises, the health hazard is just all too much for you to save money that way.

Instead, it is much easier to use the numerous Bed & Breakfasts around the country. They are hospitable, cheap, and as genuine as it comes. Best of all – the rooms are private. And the breakfast provided is always brilliant, since you will usually find some old lady running the place. If you are on a tight budget on your travels, the B&Bs will become your allies. There are several pros about sleeping at a B&B, whereas the only con is the lack of facilities. But you would not want to waste your money on an in-house restaurant/bar or other costly services anyway, would you?

Eating – Leave the Restaurants Alone

boo28Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing especially healthy about restaurant food. Some of them are even hazardous for your health, while at the same time charging big money for small dishes. If you have a limited budget, you should rather stick to street food.

Here are a couple of important points as to why street food is perfect for shoestring budget travellers;

  • It is cheap. Very cheap. Most often, 4-5 pounds will get you a decent dinner.
  • It is healthy. Sure, street food is not the best when it comes to hygiene, but because the turnover is faster, the ingredients are fresher than in most restaurants. Just make sure to ask for “everything included”, as to get some veggies as well.
  • It is always there. Wherever you are, you can find some street food. Often around the clock.
  • It is genuine. Street food always represents different cultures. Indian, Turkish, English, Scottish, Spanish. Why not get to know some interesting dishes, at the same time as you are saving money?